Prix Pictet Podcast “Family”

Can photography save us from ourselves? Leading photographers consider the power of the photograph to explore the urgent environmental and social issues facing humanity today. From the Prix Pictet, the leading global photography prize on sustainability.
Alexia Webster “Street Studios – An Archive of the Heart” series, Akili, 3 months old, is held up for a portrait by her mother Mapenzi Mwamini, 18 years old. The family were farmers in Masisi, DR Congo, before they had to flee violence, 2014

As we attach more and more value to independent success and less to the family, are we losing accountability for our actions to the planet? How has art and photography represented these tribes over history and what can we learn from them? Join photographer Alexia Webster, author and philanthropist Hannah Rothschild, Curator of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Luke Syson, and Pictet Wealth Management’s Dina de Angelo as they discuss the family as both a unit and a community.

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