The nominators for the Prix Pictet are a group of over 300 leading experts in the visual arts from around the world including directors of major museums and galleries as well as journalists and critics. They lead the global search for images of high artistic quality and narrative power and fit the theme of each cycle of the prize.

The nominators for the Prix Pictet are a group of over 300 leading experts in the visual arts from around the world including directors of major museums and galleries as well as journalists and critics. They lead the global search for images of high artistic quality and narrative power and fit the theme of each cycle of the prize.


  • Roger Ballen

    Photographer, South Africa

  • Rory Bester

    Research Fellow at the Centre for Humanities Research (CHR), University of Western Cape, Founder of Two Crows, South Africa

  • Raphael Chikukwa

    Chief Curator of Contemporary Art, Deputy Director, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

  • Medina Dugger

    Photographer, Curator, Co-founder of ARTOJA , Nigeria

  • Christine Eyene

    Art historian, Critic and Curator, Cameroon

  • John Fleetwood

    Director of Photo, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Joseph Gergel

    Independent Curator, Nigeria

  • Véronique Joo Aisenberg

    Head, African Film Library, Institut Français, Paris, France

  • David Knaus

    Managing Director of the Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Arts in Morocco, Morocco

  • Stephan Köhler

    Chairman, Founder, Kulturforum Süd-Nord and Regard Benin, Benin

  • Nadira Laggoune-Aklouche

    Director, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Algiers, Algeria

  • Jeanne Mercier

    Co-Founder and Chief Editor, Afrique in Visu, France

  • Azu Nwagbogu

    Founder and Director, African Artists’ Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria

  • Sean O’Toole

    Author, Critic, Journalist and Editor, Cape Town , South Africa

  • Rachida Triki

    Professor, Art Critic and Curator, Tunisia

  • Roelof van Wyk

    Photographer, South Africa

Asia Pacific

  • Shahidul Alam

    Managing Director, Photographer, Writer, Curator, Teacher and Activist, Drik, Bangladesh

  • Rahaab Allana

    Curator and publisher at the Alkazi Foundation for the Arts, New Delhi, India

  • Berenice Angremy

    Curator and Founder, Thinking Hands, France

  • Françoise Callier

    Program Coordinator at Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops, Cambodia

  • Christian Caujolle

    Art Director, Writer, Independent Curator, France

  • Joselina Cruz

    Director and Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MCAD) Manila, Philippines

  • Brian Curtin

    Lecturer, Art Writer and Independent Curator, Faculty of Architecture of Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

  • Devika Daulet-Singh

    Director, Photoink, India

  • Nathaniel Gaskell

    Founding Director, Cara Consulting, Singapore

  • Shigeo Goto

    Director G/P gallery, Professor of Art and Design Kyoto University, Japan

  • Yumi Goto

    Independent Art & Documentary Photography Curator, Editor, Researcher & Consultant, Japan

  • NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati

    Photographer and Curator, Nepal

  • Salima Hashmi

    Dean, School of Visual Arts and Design, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, Pakistan

  • RongRong & Inri

    Photographers and Founders, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, China

  • Shiho Kito

    Photographer, Curator and Researcher, Japan

  • Eyal Landesman

    Artist, Social Activist, Founder and Artistic Director of the Israeli Photography Festival, Israel

  • Gwen Lee

    Director, DECK by Art Photography Centre, Singapore

  • Jiyoon Lee

    Director and Independent Curator, SUUM Academy & Project, South Korea

  • Kevin WY Lee

    Founder, Invisible Photographer Asia, Singapore

  • Szewan Leung

    Art Consultant and Director, C1 Art Ltd, China

  • Ryan Libre

    Documentary Arts Asia Founder & Director, Thailand

  • HS Liu

    Founder and Director, Shanghai Centre of Photography, China

  • Yusuke Nakanishi

    Co-Founder, Co-Executive Director, KYOTOGRAPHIE, Japan

  • Jean-Yves Navel

    Co-Founder and Director, Angkor Photo Festival, France

  • Elaine Ng

    Publisher & Editor, Art Asia Pacific, China

  • Lu Ni

    Executive Director, Xie Zilong Photography Museum, China

  • Harumi Niwa

    Chief Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japan

  • Lucille Reyboz

    Co-Founder & Co-Director, KYOTOGRAPHIE, Japan

  • Bittu Sahgal

    Editor, Sanctuary Asia, India

  • Verónica Sanchis Bencomo

    Photographer & Founder, Foto Féminas, Hong Kong

  • Kazuko Sekiji

    Curator, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Japan

  • Farah Siddiqui

    Director, Farah Siddiqui Contemporary Art, India

  • Karen Smith

    Director of OCAT Xi'An and Artistic Director, Shanghai Center of Photography, China

  • Sujong Song

    Independent Curator, Co-Founder and Co-Director, Seoul Lunar Photo, South Korea

  • Patrick Sun

    Collector and founder, Sunpride Foundation, Hong Kong

  • Shane Suvikapakornkul

    Publisher and Director, Serindia Publications and Serindia Gallery, Thailand

  • Mariko Takeuchi

    Associate Professor, Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Kyoto University of Art and Design, Japan

  • Eugene Tan

    Director, National Gallery Singapore, Singapore

  • Rudy Tseng

    Independent Curator and Art Collector, China

  • Harsha Vadlamani

    Editor in Chief, Galli Magazine, India

  • Ivan Vartarian

    Photography Publisher and Editor, Goliga, Japan

  • Belinda Winterbourne

    Director, Landalp, Hong Kong, China

  • Kevin WY Lee

    Director and Independent Curator, SUUM Academy & Project, Singapore

  • Tang Xin

    Head of Art Collection, Taikang Collection and Director of Taikang Space in Beijing, China

  • Yuko Yamaji

    Curator, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan

  • William Zhao

    Independent Curator, Art Critic and Art Consultant, Hong Kong

  • Gu Zheng

    Vice-Director, Research Centre for Visual Culture, Fudan University, China

  • Li Zhenhua

    Curator, Beijing Art Lab & Zurich, Art Basel Hong Kong Film Sector, Switzerland

  • Elaine Lin

    Director, WYNG Foundation, Hong Kong


  • Alia Al-Senussi

    Senior advisor to the Ministry of Culture, Saudi Arabia, Former Art Basel’s UK and MENA representative, Member of Tate Modern advisory council, United Kingdom

  • Monica Allende

    Artistic Director, Consultant, Educator, GETXOPHOTO & Landskrona Foto Festival, United Kingdom

  • Béatrice Andrieux

    Independent Curator, France

  • Regina Maria Anzenberger

    Founder and Director, Anzenberger Gallery & Anzenberger Agency, Vienna, Austria

  • Karin Askham

    Rector, CSVPA, Cambridge School Of Visual & Performing Arts, United Kingdom

  • Gerry Badger

    Photographer, Architect, & Photographic Critic, United Kingdom

  • Quentin Bajac

    Director, Jeu de Paume, Paris, France

  • Simon Baker

    Director, Maison Européenne de la Photographie, United Kingdom

  • Arnis Balcus

    Chief Editor, FK Magazine, Latvia

  • Sheyi Bankale

    Curator, Next Level Projects, United Kingdom

  • Christine Barthe

    Curator of the photographic collection, Musée du Quai Branly, France

  • Anne-Marie Beckmann

    Managing Director & Curator at Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation, Germany

  • Ana Berruguete

    Head of Exhibitions at La Fábrica and PHotoEspaña festival, Madrid, Spain

  • Tobia Bezzola

    Art Historian, Director of Museum Folkwang, Switzerland

  • Daniel Blochwitz

    Independent Photography Curator, Lecturer and Art Consultant, Switzerland

  • Daria Bonera

    Founder and Director, Agency DB Daria Bonera, Italy

  • Enrico Bossan

    Project Head, Photographer and Curator, Gallerie delle Prigioni, Italy

  • Sophie Boursat

    Artist and writer, Paris, France

  • Emma Bowkett

    Director of Photography, Financial Times Weekend Magazine, United Kingdom

  • Krzysztof Candrowicz

    Member of Fotofestival Collective, Lodz, Poland, Former Artistic Director at Hamburg Triennial of Photography, Germany

  • Chiara Capodici

    Founder, 3/3 Tre terzi, Italy

  • Jim Casper

    Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, LensCulture, The Netherlands

  • Zelda Cheatle

    Photography Specialist, Curator and Gallerist, United Kingdom

  • Hans D. Christ

    Director, Württembergische Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany

  • Zoë Christensen

    Head of The Perfect World Foundation, SeaLegacy's European Ambassador, Artistic director and Photography Curator, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Christin Müller

    Independent Curator and Writer, Germany

  • Tim Clark

    Editor in Chief and Director at 1000 Words, United Kingdom

  • Dirk Claus

    Principal Digital Communication Expert, European Central Bank, Visual Storyteller, Germany

  • Charlotte Cotton

    Curator, United States

  • Jess Crombie

    Course Leader, Documentary Photography & Photojournalism BA, London College of Communication - University of the Arts London, London, United Kingdom

  • Luc Debraine

    Director, Swiss Camera Museum, Vevey, Switzerland

  • Marco Delogu

    Director, Italian Cultural Institute of London, United Kingdom

  • John Duncan

    Editor, Source Photographic Review, United Kingdom

  • Florian Ebner

    Chief of Photography, Centre Pompidou, France

  • Maryam Eisler

    Photographer, Editor and Art Patron, London

  • Brandei Estes

    Director, Specialist, Head of Photographs Department, Sotheby's London, United Kingdom

  • Chantal Fabres

    Fine Art Advisory and Curator, Latin American Photography & Mixed Media, Founder CF-LART, United Kingdom

  • Louise Fedotov-Clements

    National Curator of Contemporary Art at Forestry England, Co-Founder FORMAT, International Photography Festival, United Kingdom

  • Marcel Feil

    Head International Cultural Policy & Coordination, DutchCulture, The Netherlands

  • Eva Fisli

    Curator, Hungarian National Museum, Hungary

  • Andrzej P. Florkowski

    Professor & Dean of the Multimedia Communication Faculty, University of Fine Arts in Poznań, Poland, Poland

  • Valerie Fougeirol

    Independent Curator, Creative Director, France

  • Lena Fritsch

    Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Ashmolean Museum, United Kingdom

  • Benjamin Füglister

    Founding director, CAP Prize for Contemporary African Photography, Berlin, Germany

  • Tamar Garb

    Art Historian, Curator, Professor at University College London, London

  • William Gilchrist

    Fashion Stylist and Design Consultant, United Kingdom

  • Arno Gisinger

    Photographer and Lecturer, France

  • Adam Goff

    Picture Editor, New Scientist, United Kingdom

  • Anna Gripp

    Editor-in-Chief, PHOTONEWS, Germany

  • Francois Hebel

    Director, Rencontres d’Arles, France

  • Felix Hoffmann

    Chief Curator, C/O Berlin, Germany

  • Genevieve Janvrin

    Director of Galerie Janvrin, France

  • Alain Jullien

    Co-founder, Lianzhou International Photography Festival and Chief Curator, Pingyao International Photography Festival, France

  • Karin Kaufmann

    Art Director an Chief Representative Leica Galleries, Germany

  • Mindaugas Kavaliauskas

    Founder and Artistic Director of KAUNAS PHOTO Festival, Lithuania

  • Magda Keaney

    Senior Curator, Photographs, National Portrait Gallery, United Kingdom

  • Klaus Kehrer

    Director at Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany

  • Sarah Kenderdine

    Professor of Digital Museology at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Tanya Kiang

    Director/Curator, Gallery of Photography, Dublin, Ireland

  • Simone Klein

    Director at Simone Klein Photography & Art Advisory, Germany

  • Thierry Konarzewski

    Photographer, France

  • Laurence Lagrange


  • Trish Lambe

    Co-Director and Curator at Gallery of Photography, Dublin, Ireland

  • Sylvain Levy

    Co-Founder, DSLcollection, France

  • Harriet Logan

    Photographer, United Kingdom

  • Vicky Long

    Independent Curator/Producer, United Kingdom

  • Tristan Lund

    Art Advisor, United Kingdom

  • Celina Lunsford

    Chief Curator, Artistic Director, Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, Germany

  • Michael Mack

    Founder, Mack Books, United Kingdom

  • Francesca Malgara

    Art Advisor, Italy

  • Rebecca McClelland

    Freelance Executive Art Producer, Creative Content Director and Visuals Director, United Kingdom

  • Seamus McGibbon

    Public Affairs Consultant, Creator’s Rights Alliance, Former CEO of Association of Photographers, United Kingdom

  • Antonio Molina-Vázquez

    Independent curator and Director of Spain NOW!, United Kingdom

  • Manolis Moresopoulos

    Director, Hellenic Centre for Photography, Athens Photo Festival, Greece

  • Stavros Moresopoulos

    Director, Hellenic Centre for Photography, Greece

  • Anne Morin

    Director, diCHromA Photography, Spain

  • Dr. Walter Moser

    Head of Department, Photography, The Albertina, Austria

  • Nat Muller

    Independent Curator and Critic, The Netherlands

  • Andreas Müller-Pohle

    Artist & Publisher, Equivalence: European Photography, Germany

  • Philippa Neave

    Freelance Consultant, France

  • Moritz Neumüller

    Independent Curator, Educator and Founder of The Curator Ship, Barcelona, Spain

  • Laura Noble

    Director, L A Noble Gallery, London, United Kingdom

  • Alona Pardo

    Curator, Barbican Art Gallery, London, United Kingdom

  • Nina Pearlman

    Head of UCL Art Collections, University College London., United Kingdom

  • Timothy Persons

    Founder and Director, Gallery Taik Persons, Berlin, Germany

  • Benedict Philpott


  • Fiorenza Pinna

    Curator, 3/3 Tre terzi, Italy

  • Benedict Philpott


  • Fiorenza Pinna

    Curator, 3/3 Tre terzi, Italy

  • Benedict Philpott


  • Fiorenza Pinna

    Curator, 3/3 Tre terzi, Italy

  • Michael Pritchard

    Director, Education & Public Affairs, The Royal Photographic Society, United Kingdom

  • Phillip Prodger

    Senior Research Scholar, Yale Center for British Art, United Kingdom

  • Lou Proud

    Director, Leica Gallery, United Kingdom

  • Marc Prüst

    Photography Consultant and Curator, France

  • Véronique Rautenberg

    Director of Photography, L'Obs, France

  • Ann Ray

    Photographer, France

  • Yasmina Reggad

    Writer and Curator, London, United Kingdom

  • Nuno Ricou Salgado


  • Julian Rodriguez

    Head of Department at Kingston School of Art and Company Director at Impressions Gallery, United Kingdom

  • María Inés Rodríguez

    Chief Curator, Director of Contemporary Art Museum Bordeaux, France

  • Brett Rogers OBE

    Director, The Photographers' Gallery, United Kingdom

  • Mario Rotllant

    President, Foto Colectania, Spain

  • Ida Ruchina

    Social Activist, Photographer and Humanitarian Ambassador

  • Mario Santoro

    Photographer, Italy

  • Torsten Scheid

    Lecturer and Curator, University of Hildesheim, Germany

  • Carrie Scott

    Art Historian, Curator, TV Presenter and Arts Writer, London, United Kingdom

  • Thomas Seelig

    Curator, Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany

  • Laura Serani

    Art Director, Curator, France

  • Fiona Shields

    Head of Photography, The Guardian, United Kingdom

  • Tamsin Silvey

    Cultural Programme Curator, Historic England, London, United Kingdom

  • Sylvia Smith

    BBC Reporter, United Kingdom

  • Carla Sozzani

    Director, Galleria Carla Sozzani, Italy

  • Enrico Stefanelli

    Director, Photolux Festival, Italy

  • Bernd Stiegler

    Professor, German Literature and Media History, Universität Konstanz, Germany

  • Roger Szmulewicz

    Founder and Director of Fifty One & Fifty One Too Galleries, Belgium

  • Anna Tellgren

    Curator of Photography and Research Leader, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Enrica Viganò

    Curator and Fine Art Photography Critic, Director of Admira Photography, Italy

  • Dragana Vujanovic

    Curator of Photography, Hasselblad Foundation, Göteborg, Sweden

  • Dr Jean Wainwright

    Professor of Contemporary Art and Photography and Director of the Fine Art and Photography Research Centre at UCA (University for the Creative Arts), United Kingdom

  • Artur Walther

    Founder, Walther Collection, Germany

  • Jeni Walwin

    Curator, Writer and Public Art Consultant, United Kingdom

  • Ellen K Willas

    Founder, Willas Contemporary, Sweden

  • Wiktoria Michalkiewicz

    Founding director, REZO Agency, Sweden

  • Willemijn van der Zwaan

    Curator, Fotomuseum Den Haag, Netherlands

  • Iris Sikking

    Curator, Fotomuseum Den Haag, Netherlands

  • Kathrin Schönegg

    Head of the Photography Department, Münchner Stadtmuseum, Germany

  • Veronique Souben

    Director, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie, France

  • Evelien Kunst

    Co-Founder of Laika Productions, The Netherlands

  • Michael Pritchard

    Director, Education & Public Affairs, The Royal Photographic Society, United Kingdom

Middle East

  • Basma Al Sulaiman

    Owner, Founder & Curator at BASMOCA, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Peggy Sue Amison

    Artistic Director of East Wing, United Arab Emirates

  • Maya Anner

    Chief Curator at PHOTO IS:RAEL Festival, Israel

  • Sena Çakırkaya

    Curator, Art Writer and Former Head of Photography Department, Istanbul Museum of Modern Arts, Turkey

  • Fariba Derakhshani

    Programme Coordinator, Prince Claus Fund, Netherlands

  • Anahita Ghabaian Etehadieh


  • Shadi Ghadirian

    Artist, Iran

  • Tami Gilat

    Director, Igal Ahouvi Art Collection, Israel

  • Isabella Icoz

    Director at Lehmann Maupin , Turkey

  • Giles Matthew Hudson

    Curator of Photographs, Orientalist Museum, Qatar

  • G. H. Rabbath

    Writer, Visual Artist, Activist , Lebanon

  • Somayeh Rokhgireh and Ali Pooladi

    Director, Sustainability, Process Optimization Projects, Artelio Design Inc. , Iran

  • Raz Samira

    Curator of Photography, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel

  • Maria Sukkar

    Patron of the Arts, United Kingdom

  • Demet Yildiz

    Photography Department Manager, Istanbul Modern, Turkey

  • Sinem Yoruk

    Founder and Director, Elipsis Gallery, Turkey

North America

  • Elisabeth Biondi

    Director, Visuals Editor, Curator, Writer, Teacher, Advisor, Biondifoto, United States

  • Jennifer Blessing

    Senior Curator, Photography, Guggenheim, United States

  • Phillip Block

    Deputy Director, International Centre of Photography, United States

  • Gail Buckland

    Author, Educator, Curator and Chair within Photography , United States

  • Joshua Chuang

    Associate Director of Art, Prints and Photographs and Senior Curator of Photography, The New York Public Library , United States

  • Jörg Colberg

    Founder and Editor, Conscientious, United States

  • TJ Demos

    Cultural Critic and Professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, United States

  • Natasha Egan

    Executive Director, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College Chicago, United States

  • Steven Evans

    Executive Director at FotoFest, Houston, United States

  • Merry Foresta

    Freelance Curator and Arts Consultant, United States

  • David Griffin

    Owner, D Griffin Studio, Inc., Washington DC, United States

  • Richard & Ronnie Grosbard

    Collectors, United States

  • Virginia Heckert

    Curator & Department Head, Photographs, Getty Museum, United States

  • Darius Himes

    International Head of Photographs department at Christie's, United States

  • W.M. Hunt

    Collector, Curator and Consultant, United States

  • Karen Irvine

    Chief Curator & Deputy Director, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College Chicago, United States

  • Hester Keijser

    Curator Photography & New Media, Canadian Centre for Architecture , Canada

  • Corey Keller

    Curator of Photography, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, United States

  • Deborah Klochko

    Executive Director and Chief Curator, Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, United States, United States

  • Adriana Teresa Letorney

    Founder, CEO & Creative Director of, United States

  • Lesley A. Martin

    Creative Director, Publisher, Aperture Foundation, United States

  • Stephen Mayes

    Executive Director, Tim Hetherington Trust, United States

  • Michael Mehl

    Festival Director, FotoSetiembre , United States

  • Cristina Mittermeier

    Photographer and Conservationist, Executive Director at SeaLegacy, United States

  • Kevin Moore

    Independent Writer & Curator, United States

  • Rebecca Morse

    Curator, Wallis Annenberg Photography Department, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, United States

  • Alison Nordstrom

    Independent Scholar, Curator and Writer , United States

  • Ugochukwu-Smooth C. Nzewi

    Steven and Lisa Tananbaum Curator in Painting and Sculpture, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, United States

  • Erin O’Toole

    Associate Curator of Photography, SFMOMA., United States

  • November Paynter

    Director, Programs, Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto, Canada

  • Jaime Permuth

    Independent Photographer, United States

  • Sandra S. Phillips

    Curator Emerita, Photography, SFMOMA, San Francisco, United States

  • Drew Sawyer

    Curator of Photography, Brooklyn Museum, United States

  • Jillian Schultz

    Independent Producer and Curator, Los Angeles, United States

  • Paula Tognarelli

    Former Executive Director and Curator, Griffin Museum of Photography, United States

  • Sofia Vollmer de Maduro

    Director of Education, The Society of the Four Arts Fitz Eugene Dixon Education Building, Palm Beach, United States


  • Paola Anselmi

    Artistic Advisory Panel & Committee Member, Perth Centre, Independent Curator and Arts Writer, Australia

  • Daniel Boetker-Smith

    Director and Higher Education Academic Director of Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive, Photography Studies College, Australia

  • Rebecca Chew

    Development Manager, Polyglot Theatre, Australia

  • Maggie Finch

    Curator of Photography, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

  • Helen Frajman

    Director, M.33 , Australia

  • Jennifer Higgie

    Novelist, screenwriter, art critic and co-editor, Frieze Magazine, United Kingdom

  • Natalie King

    Enterprise Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, University of Melbourne , Australia

  • Julie Millowick

    Photographer and Lecturer, Melbourne, Australia

  • Pippa Milne

    Senior Curator, Monash Gallery of Art, Australia

  • Jeff Moorfoot

    Founder and Former Festival Director of BALLARAT International Foto Biennale, Australia

  • Isobel Parker Philip

    Curator of Photography, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

  • Anouska Phizacklea

    Gallery Director, Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne, Australia

  • Elias Redstone

    Artistic Director, PHOTO 2020, Melbourne , Australia

  • Heidi Romano

    Designer, Photography Curator, Photo Editor, World Bank Group, UNLESS YOU WILL, threestones , Australia

  • Moshe Rosenzveig

    Founder and Creative Director, Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, Australia

  • Geoffrey Short

    Photographer & Artist, New Zealand

  • Christine Tomás

    Managing Director of Camelot Mosman Park Arts Foundation, Director of Perth Center for Photography , Australia

Latin America

  • Fernando Arias

    Founder, Mas Arte Mas Acción, Colombia

  • Gustavo Artigas

    Artist, Director of Contemporary Art Workshop at Art Platform at MUCA, Roma and Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado, LA ESMERALDA, Mexico City, Mexico

  • Daniel Brena

    Director, Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Mexico

  • Eder Chiodetto

    Creative Director, Photography Production and Art Consultant, Brazil

  • Ramón Jiménez Cuen

    Freelance photographer, Mexico

  • Sofia Dourron

    Independent Curator, Argentina

  • Elvis Fuentes

    Art Critic, Curator, ArtNexus , Cuba

  • Tom Griggs

    Photographer, Writer, Founding Editor of Fototazo, Colombia

  • Jessica Hubbard Marr

    Specialist, Latin American Photography, United States

  • Tobi Maier

    Curator, Writer and Editor, Galerieas Municipais Lisboa bei EGEAC , Brazil

  • Antigoni Memou

    Senior Lecturer, Visual Theories, School of Arts and Digital Industries, University of East London, United Kingdom

  • Mayu Mohanna

    Independent Photographer and Curator, Peru

  • John Mraz

    Research Professor, Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades, Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico, Mexico

  • Elena Navarro

    Artistic Director, Founder and Director, Foto Mexico, Canopia , Mexico

  • Thyago Nogueira

    Head Photography Curator, Instituto Moreira Salles , Brazil

  • Gonzalo Olmos

    Director, Proconecta , Peru

  • Karla Osorio

    Director, Galeria Karla Osario , Brazil

  • Nelson Ramirez de Arellano Conde

    Director Art Center Wifredo Lam, Havana, Cuba

  • Manuel Rivera-Ortiz

    Photographer and Founder, The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography & Film, Puerto Rico

  • José Roca

    Artistic Director, FLORA ars+natura, Bogota, Colombia

  • Itala Schmelz

    Independent Scholar and Curator, Mexico

  • Itzel Vargas Plata

    Head Curator, Chopo Museum, Mexico City, Mexico

  • Ricardo Viera

    Professor of Art, Director and Curator, Lehigh University Art Galleries, United States

  • Luis Weinstein

    Photographer, Editor and Director, International Festival of Photography, Valparaiso , Chile

  • Trisha Ziff

    Founder, Curator and Documentary Filmmaker, 212BERLIN FILMS, Mexico

  • Johan Trujillo Argüelles

    Latin American Master of Contemporary Photography, Centro de la Imagen, Peru