Cookie policy

Cookie policy

We are particularly mindful of your expectations with regard to discretion and your right to privacy, and we therefore strive to retain the trust you show in us. This cookie policy therefore aims to describe exactly how we handle the information gathered during visits to this website, and to offer you the opportunity to set cookie usage in accordance with your preferences.

Manage cookie preferences

  • What is a cookie?

    A cookie is a text file sent by a website and recorded on your IT terminal (e.g. computer or smartphone) when an online service is viewed from your browser. The vast majority of websites use cookies.
    A cookie enables its issuer to identify the terminal on which it is recorded, during the period when the cookie is valid and being stored.
    Any method of storage used by the browser, such as local storage, session storage or any other local browser database, is considered to be a “cookie” within the meaning of this definition.

  • What do we use cookies for?

    In general, cookies allow you to navigate our website more easily and efficiently. Subject to your agreement, which may be modified at any time, we use cookies on our website in order to enhance the way you navigate our site. In particular, cookies allow you to set your connection preferences (e.g. language) and to subscribe for products and service online.
    The cookies we issue also enable us to collect statistical data and monitor traffic and usage volumes for the various components of our website. This allows us to make our services more attractive and user-friendly and adapt the way our website is presented to you general enquiries. 

Renewing your consent

When you consent to the use of cookies, your consent is valid for a maximum of 13 months, after which you will be asked to renew it. A renewal request may also be triggered if you connect from a different terminal or modify your browser settings or when a new version of the website is released.