The Prix Pictet aims to harness the power of photography – all genres of photography – to draw global attention to issues of sustainability, especially those concerning the environment. Founded in 2008 by the Pictet Group, the Prix Pictet has become the world’s leading award for photography and sustainability. To date, there have been ten cycles of the award each of which has highlighted a particular facet of sustainability.

Entry to the award is strictly by nomination. The network of nominators worldwide (currently numbering over 300) have, over the course of the ten cycles, made 5,060 nominations for the award. Taken together the nominated works present a powerful testament to the fragile state of our planet.

Since 2008 the nine cycles of the Prix Pictet have been shown in exhibitions in many major cities of the world with visitor numbers of over 550,000.

The Prix Pictet is an award of 100,000 CHF given to the photographer who, in the opinion of the

independent jury, has produced a series of work that is both artistically outstanding and presents a compelling narrative related to the theme of the award. The ten Prix Pictet winners are Benoit Aquin, Nadav Kander, Mitch Epstein, Luc Delahaye, Michael Schmidt, Valérie Belin, Richard Mosse, Joana ChoumaliSally Mann and Gauri Gill.

For each cycle of the Prix Pictet, a book has been published and distributed worldwide. Each book showcases the work of the shortlisted photographers as well as powerful images produced by a selection of the other nominated photographers.

Award process

The Prix Pictet aims to uncover photographs that communicate important messages about global environmental and social issues within the broad theme of sustainability. No preference is given to any particular kind of photographic material, technique or creative route, nor are any of these excluded from consideration. An artist using photographs, for example, is judged by precisely the same criteria as a photojournalist or a commercial photographer, or a professional in another field for whom photography may be no more than one of many tools. In arriving at their final decision on the award, the judges make no distinction between photographs of different genres, nor do they assume different potential types of audience for any class of photograph.

Each nominator proposes between two to five photographers. Other photographers wishing to submit their work may contact the secretariat.


The Jury looks for work, arranged in a coherent series, that fits the theme of the particular cycle, which has a high artistic quality and considerable narrative power.

winner announcement

Once the submission process has been completed, the independent jury are responsible for drawing up a Shortlist and selecting a winner.


The nominators for the Prix Pictet are a group of leading experts in the visual arts from around the world including directors of major museums and galleries as well as journalists and critics. They lead the global search for images of high artistic quality and narrative power and fit the theme of a particular cycle.

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Fire tour at Top Museum in Tokyo, Japan, January 2022.

Advisory board

The Prix Pictet Advisory Board is a distinguished group of individuals who act as informal and occasional advisers to the Prix Pictet Executive.

  • Lionel Barber

    Editor, Financial Times, 2005–20
    Trustee, Carnegie Foundation of New York

  • Sir Peter Bazalgette

    Chair, ITV, 2016–22
    Chair, Arts Council England, 2013–17

  • Marcus Brauchli

    Managing Editor, the Wall Street Journal 2007–08
    Executive Editor, the Washington Post, 2008–12

  • Christopher Brown

    Director, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 1998–2014

  • Melanie Clore

    Co-Founder, Clore Wyndham Fine Art, London, Co-Chair, Sotheby’s Europe, 2011–16

  • Régis Durand

    Writer and Art Critic

  • Lady Elena Ochoa Foster

    Founder and CEO, Ivorypress, Madrid, London

  • Francis Hodgson

    Professor in the Culture of Photography, University of Brighton, UK

  • Maja Hoffmann

    Founder and President, LUMA Foundation, Zurich

  • Baroness Helena Kennedy, KC

    Principal, Mansfield College,
    University of Oxford, 2011–18

  • Henry Kim

    Director and CEO, The Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, 2012–20
    Associate Vice Provost and Director, Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University

  • Fatima Maleki

    UK-based collector

  • Richard Misrach

    Berkeley, California-based photographer

  • Lady Alison Myners

    Chair, Royal Academy Trust, London

  • Sandy Nairne CBE

    Director, National Portrait Gallery, London, 2002–15

  • Fumio Nanjo

    Director, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, 2006–19

  • Michael Nyman CBE

    UK-based composer and artist

  • Lord Palumbo

    Chair, Arts Council of Great Britain, 1989-1994

  • Ivan Pictet

    Senior Managing Partner, Pictet Group, 2005–10

  • Nigel Pleming, KC


  • Thaddaeus Ropac

    Founder, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris, Salzburg, London, Seoul

  • Ralph Rugoff, OBE

    Director, Hayward Gallery, London

  • Sir Charles Saumarez Smith, CBE

    Secretary and Chief Executive, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2007–18

  • Marianne Princess zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn

    Austria-based photographer

  • Olga Sviblova

    Founding Director, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

  • Sir John Tusa

    Co-Chair, European Union Youth Orchestra Chair, University of the Arts, London, 2007–13

  • Roxane Zand

    Founder, ZandFineArts, London Deputy Chair, Sotheby’s Middle East, 2006–20

  • Slavoj Žižek

    International Director, Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, University of London

Prix Pictet Executive

  • Stephen Barber

    Chairman, Prix Pictet and Prix Pictet Ltd

  • Isabelle von Ribbentrop

    Executive Director, Prix Pictet and Prix Pictet Ltd

  • Michael Benson

    Director, Prix Pictet and Prix Pictet Ltd, Director, Candlestar

  • Deborah Meier

    Project manager, Prix Pictet and Prix Pictet Ltd

  • Emilia Kuelps

    Project officer, Prix Pictet and Prix Pictet Ltd

  • Prix Pictet Ltd

    The business affairs of the Prix Pictet (including artists grants' and contracts, media partnerships, sales etc) are administered by an independent company, Prix Pictet Ltd.

  • Candlestar

    The London based cultural consultancy Candlestar Ltd produces the Prix Pictet. As well as acting as the Secretariat for the award, the team at Candlestar manage all of the administrative, artistic, logistical and curatorial aspects of the Prix Pictet award and the global exhibition tour.


Francis Hodgson
Photography Adviser

Leo Johnson
Sustainability Adviser

Fourteen Years, Ten Cycles


Launch of the first Prix Pictet – theme Water Kofi Annan appointed President

The Financial Times becomes global media partner

Prix Pictet awards exhibition at Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Benoit Aquin’s The Chinese Dust Bowl wins inaugural award

teNeues publishes first Prix Pictet book


Munem Wasif completes first Prix Pictet Commission (Bangladesh)

Nadav Kander wins Prix Pictet Earth for his series Yangtze, The Long River

First shortlist presentation at Les Rencontres d’Arles

First Prix Pictet touring exhibitions in Eindhoven, Thessaloniki, Hong Kong and Dubai

Ed Kashi completes second Prix Pictet Commission (Madagascar)

First Prix Pictet exhibitions in Russia and India


Mitch Epstein’s American Power wins Prix Pictet Growth

Collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery, London begins with a series of conversations on photography


Chris Jordan completes third Prix Pictet Commission (Kenya)

Saatchi Gallery stages first Prix Pictet awards exhibition in London

Luc Delahaye wins Prix Pictet Power

First Prix Pictet exhibitions in USA and Lebanon

Prix Pictet announces partnership with the V&A, London, and Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris

Simon Norfolk completes fourth Prix Pictet Commission (Afghanistan)

Prix Pictet exhibitions in Turkey and Israel


First Prix Pictet awards exhibition at the V&A, London

Michael Schmidt’s Lebensmittel wins Prix Pictet Consumption

Juan Fernando Herrán awarded final Prix Pictet Commission (Colombia)

Les Rencontres d’Arles stages first Prix Pictet Laureates exhibition

Prix Pictet Consumption at the National Museum of Art, Mexico City attracts a record audience of over 100,000


First Prix Pictet awards exhibition at the V&A, London

Michael Schmidt’s Lebensmittel wins Prix Pictet Consumption

Juan Fernando Herrán awarded final Prix Pictet Commission (Colombia)

Les Rencontres d’Arles stages first Prix Pictet Laureates exhibition

Prix Pictet Consumption at the National Museum of Art,
Mexico City attracts a record audience of over 100,000


Richard Mosse wins Prix Pictet Space for his series Heat Maps

Lieko Shiga’s series Blind Date wins second Prix Pictet Japan Award

Les Rencontres d’Arles stages second Laureates exhibition

Eighth theme of Prix Pictet, Hope, is announced in Arles

teNeues publishes special edition ten to mark first decade of the prize


Hope shortlist announced at Les Rencontres d’Arles

Prix Pictet Hope exhibition at the V&A, London

Hope exhibition begins tour at Hillside Forum, Tokyo, with announcement of third Prix Pictet Japan Award

Prix Pictet publishes Confinement, a response to the pandemic by artists previously shortlisted for the award

Joana Choumali’s series Ça va Aller wins the eighth Prix Pictet


Fire shortlist announced at Les Rencontres d’Arles

Prix Pictet Fire exhibition at the V&A, London

Prix Pictet Fire exhibition opens at TOP Museum, Tokyo

Sally Mann wins Prix Pictet Fire for her series Blackwater


Human shortlist announced at Rencontres d'Arles

Gauri Gill wins Prix Pictet Human for her series Notes from the Desert 

 Hatje Cantz publish Human