Prix Pictet Podcast “Special Edition: War and Photography with Lionel Barber and Funmi Iyanda”

Can photography save us from ourselves? Leading photographers consider the power of the photograph to explore the urgent environmental and social issues facing humanity today. From the Prix Pictet, the leading global photography prize on sustainability.
Maxim Dondyuk “Culture of the Confrontation” series, Morning on Hrushevskoho street after the night of flaming tires and Molotov cocktails. Protesters again construct barricades, prepare Molotov cocktails before night battle between protesters and police, which became already a usual thing. Kiev, Jan. 25, 2014

Conflict. Destruction. No matter how optimistic one is about human nature, the world is also full of war and wherever there is war, there is documentation of it: not least in the photograph, the frontline’s witness to the world. This episode features for the first time the full conversation between two giants of journalism on the topic of conflict, Lionel Barber, former Editor of the Financial Times, and Funmi Iyanda, acclaimed Nigerian journalist, presenter and filmmaker.

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