Photo London publish Prix Pictet 100th Exhibition Anniversary Special Edition

Touring wasn’t part of the plan. Our original idea was to run the competition, exhibit the shortlisted artworks, declare a winner, and repeat the process annually.

But because the final judging depended on a review of the shortlist inexhibition, the show itself became critically significant. Based as it was on a nomination process, the group of shortlisted artists was likely to reach the highest standards from the start. Any artist with misgivings about participating would have been further reassured by our early decision to hold the awards exhibition at a major institution in Paris or London, both great European centres of photography.

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The first Prix Pictet exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris in 2008 was widely praised by leading photography curators. Within hours of the first award, the Prix Pictet had been invited to show in Thessaloniki, Dubai, and Eindhoven. And so, the tour was born….