Diorama Map, Sohei Nishino's photography

Sohei Nishino Diorama Map

Diorama Map: Havana, 2016.

Diorama Map: London, 2010.

Diorama Map: Istanbul, 2011.

Diorama Map: Amsterdam, 2014.

Diorama Map: Jerusalem, 2013.

Diorama Map: Johannesburg, 2016.

Diorama Map: Tokyo, 2014.

Diorama Map: Bern, 2012.

Diorama Map Berlin, 2012.

Diorama Map: Delhi, 2013.

Artist's statement

Rapid cultural and economic development creates a continuous process of amplification and accumulation within cities. I walk through these cities, camera in hand, capturing multi-facetted views that I then combine,in accordance with my memories, arranging them into a map that portrays all the singular aspects of the place. 

The result is quite different from the denotative expression of a map; it uses photographs of concrete objects or shapes as units to recreate a geographical representation, expressing the city through human memories and images. This means that the finished work is anything but an accurate map, it is simply the town as seen through the eyes of a single individual, a trace of the way in which I walked through it, an embodiment of my awareness, a microcosm of the life and energy that comprise the city.

About the photographer


1982 Hyogo, Japan



Based in

Tokyo, Japan

About Sohei Nishino

Since Sohei Nishino was a university student of Osaka University of Arts, he started his series Diorama Map which is created from his memory as layered icons of the city. Since selected as an Excellence Award of Canon New Cosmos Photography Award in 2005, he has participated in several group shows, international festivals and solo exhibitions all over the world such as; the Out of Focus exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London (2012), Contemporary Japanese Photography vol.10 at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Tokyo (2012), A Different Kind of Order: ICP Triennial at ICP in NY (2013). He has recently awarded as newcomer’s award for Photographic society of Japan awards of 2013 and also selected as one of the artists for Foam Talent call 2013 of Foam magazine.

Apart from Diorama Map series, he also creates the series of works, which is based on the physical movement and continuity.