Snow Management, Jules Spinatsch's photography

Jules Spinatsch Snow Management

Scene J3, 2004


Scene D6, 2004

Unit BAIR, 2008

Scene SHAP-Hannibal, 2007

Scene D13, 2004

Scene S2, 2007

Scene B3, 2005

Unit EWD2, 2008

Unit R2D2, 2005

Scene I2M, 2005

Scene I2, 2006

Scene KMP2, 2005

Unit MSB, 2005

Unit MNBEVO, 2005

Unit L2AU, 2007

Unit ALDH, 2006

Artist's statement

Since the 18th century, when some Brits discovered this conquered territory in the middle of Europe, the Alps have been considered the ‘epitome of sublime nature’. Over the past two centuries, the relatively untouched mountains have been transformed into a high-tech event landscape.

The agenda changed dramatically in the last 20 years, when, after decades of growth the winter sport market began to stagnate in the 1980s. At about the same time the first effects of what we call today global warming hit the Alps, resulting in less and less snow every year. A fierce competition began among winter sports destinations in order to survive and escape the effects of global warming for some more years: it led to (still ongoing) huge investments in facilities to produce artificial snow and machines to prepare the slopes perfectly every night. Further with the introduction of the snowboard in the late 1980s and other new sports tools, a young urban lifestyle arrived and prevailed, turning rustic alpine villages and valleys into fun parks. Today spectacular events are organized to promote them, even new sports disciplines are invented ranging form challenging to entertaining, from ridiculous to absurd. The Alpine landscape has become an advertising arena, were marketing strategists battle for consumers and visitors simultaneously, while neglecting to fight the bigger challenge, to find more sustainable strategies. The long-term project Snow Management is a case study of the current winter tourism industry in the European Alps. It follows a documentary approach that offers a view for the drama and poetry of the real while maintaining an analytical distance, thus leaving its interpretation open to the viewer.

About the photographer


1964, Davos, Switzerland



Based in

Zurich, Switzerland

About Jules Spinatsch

Jules Spinatsch was born in 1964 in Davos, Switzerland. He lives and works in Zurich, and teaches at the Geneva University of Art and Design.


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Publications (Monograph):

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  • 2007 City of Zurich, Residency in San Francisco and Hawaii
  • 2005 Prix du Livre, Rencontre d’Arles-F, best book 2005
  • 2004 International BMW Photography Prize, Paris Photo
  • 2004 Swiss Art Award
  • 2003 + 04 Canton Zurich Art Award
  • 2002 Studio Grant London, Landis + Gyr Foundation, Zug
  • 1999 Studio Grant Paris, Cultural Commission of the Grisons